Pastors Curt & Rhonda

The History of New Promise Christian Fellowship

New Promise Christian Fellowship was founded by Curt and Rhonda Edwards, in their home with their 4 children, and 12 other leaders in 1998.   They moved in to their first building in December of 1999.

Curt owned a successful construction business, at the time, and Rhonda had just completed all the college courses to apply for the Dental Hygiene program, but God had other plans for them.  Curt continued to run his business for the first years of pastoring New Promise.

Curt comes from a long line of Assemblies of God pastors and recognized the call early in his 20’s, as he served faithfully for 12 years in 2 churches.

The Vineyard of North Phoenix was instrumental in training and teaching the Word of God.  Curt’s passion for God and ministry increased as he and Rhonda began to serve in various departments of the church.

Curt and Rhonda started as greeters, then Sunday school teachers, and later on led the youth group. Curt was a leader of a small group in their home as well, and learned much about pastoring people and their families. The pastors at Vineyard were a blessing to be under as they had integrity, modeled a love for marriage, righteousness, and people.   The Vineyard started with 30 people when it first opened. It now holds services for thousands, with multiple services every weekend.

After 7 years, Curt then felt led to help his pastor friend with another church plant. Pastor Ray Davis of Desert Breeze Community Church was also a man of integrity, who modeled a love for the Word of God, his wife, family, and for the lost.  Pastor Ray, and his wife Nancy, were instrumental in preparing Curt for the call to become a pastor.  Curt was an elder on the Board, and once again led the youth group. Rhonda began teaching women’s bible studies as well. They helped and ministered at DBCC for 5 years, until the time finally came for Curt to start his own church plant. Curt’s desire was to pastor a church like the book of Acts, to gather a  passionate group of people who were tired of playing church and truly loved God.

Curt and Rhonda have always had a heart for the younger generation, and continue to minister and train up the next generation.  Pastor Curt’s favorite saying is “our ceiling will be our children’s floor.”

New Promise soon found out that gathering a group of people from around the city to worship and pray together was also one of their passions.  They continue to host and lead regional worship and prayer gatherings weekly to pray for our city, state and nation.

Accelerated growth for New Promise began in the last 4 years. They rented a building that was full to capacity for the last 2 years of their lease. They then moved to a larger building that they again quickly outgrew, which led them to double services.  When their lease was up,   the opportunity to purchase their own building was available to them, and they sensed God’s leading and favor in going forward with the purchase.  They began escrow early in February.  They now meet in that building as they have great favor with the owner and president of the Board of the Fraternal order of police.

New Promise quickly and supernaturally raised the funds for the down payment, and now wait for the closing of the loan. The growth and excitement at our new location has been amazing.  We look forward to putting our roots down in the great city of Phoenix Arizona, and are excited to see what God has for the New Promise Family and the outlying area.