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Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it
Luke 18:16-17

New Promise Kids

Children’s ministry is first and foremost all about Jesus and welcoming the presence of the Spirit. It’s helping children know Jesus as their King and Savior as well as opening their eyes to what it means to be an active participant in His Kingdom. We partner with parents to guide our children toward a HEART for God. Our ministry is designed to train and equip the hearts of our children to reach out to Jesus in all that they do.

We have five values that help us guide our children toward developing a HEART for God:

H eartfelt Relationships

E ngaging Jesus through the Word

A ctive Faith

R eal Worshippers

T ransformative Prayer

Children’s ministry is Relational. It’s helping children become more like Jesus over time. As they learn to respect, serve, and honor one another, they begin to see what it looks like to be a child of God.

Children’s ministry is Engaging. It’s a process that connects children with Jesus and His Story. As children see the glory, wonder and beauty of Jesus, they will embrace Him in their hearts, and genuinely surrender their lives to live only for Him.

Children’s ministry is Active. As kids grow, their understanding of foundational truths grows with them. Their faith is activated by the Spirit and they are released into the callings and giftings the Lord has given them.

Children’s ministry is Real. Worshipping in Spirit and Truth is at the core of all we do. As children worship and minister to the Lord, He speaks to their hearts and transforms their lives.

Children’s ministry is Transformative. We are called to make our own hearts and the world around us a dwelling place for God. We walk this out by bringing transformation through a constant lifestyle of prayer.

We ALWAYS love having more teachers and helpers! Please contact KJ Thornton (Children's Ministries director) if you are interested in serving!

Sunday Mornings

The New Promise Children’s Ministry Team cares for children from Infants to 6th Grade.  We have opportunities in each classroom for both teachers and assistants to love and serve our children. Come join our team and invest in the next generation! We always have room for one more.

Classes offered during the entire service

Promise Land Nursery  |  Infants to 1 Year Old's
Promise Town for Toddlers  |  2 to 3 Year Old's


​Offered during message only, children join us in worship

Promise Kids  |  4 to 6 Year Old's
Firestarters  |  7 Year Old's to 6th grade

Camp Soak

Intimacy with Jesus is the heartbeat of everything we do. Camp Soak is a VBS-style camp for Pre-K to 10-year-olds designed to introduce and raise up the next generation of kids with a heart for prayer and worship. We believe that as we cultivate relationship with Jesus through prayer and worship, we can transform our community.  Mini workshops are available during Camp Soak for those interested in dance, art, and singing. All kids participate in an intercession workshop plus a workshop of their choice.

There are a variety of opportunities to serve with this event. The New Promise Youth Group even takes an active role in serving the younger kids as small group leaders. Camp Soak culminates with a Youth lead worship night offering your kids the opportunity to participate in a “House of Prayer” style evening of hands-on prayer and worship. This event is open to everyone of all ages.


Family Worship Nights

Our Youth Worship Team hosts several Family Worship Nights throughout the year designed to engage young children and their families in a House of Prayer, harp and bowl, style of worship to transform our community.  Children have the opportunity to pray, sing, dance and express worship through art. It’s a great place to learn and see the Spirit at work in our families.

Summer Fun Connections

New Promise offers a few gatherings throughout the summer to allow our young children the opportunity to connect and have fun together. Some activities include story time, Lego building and our Little Ladies Tea hosted by the Women’s Ministry. Watch your calendar for details.


Children's Christmas Choir

Every child is invited to participate in our Annual Christmas Choir. Kids have the chance to learn a few Christmas songs and then share their hearts and voices on stage with the entire congregation during the Christmas season.

Personal Intercessors

We realize there are challenges and triumphs during the school year for every family and we want to support your kids in prayer.  We know that the Lord is zealous over our children’s learning environment more than we are and we want to partner with the Spirit through prayer to speak out His truth and promises over your children.  You can sign up to have one of our New Promise members cover your children in prayer throughout the school year. As a New Promise member, you can also sign up to be an intercessor for one of our kids during the school year.

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