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Worship + Creative Arts

...Offer yourselves as a living sacrifice to God, dedicated to His service and pleasing to Him. This is the true worship that you should offer...
Romans 12:1

Touching the Heart of God,
Expressing Our Creativity

Worship and the creative arts touch every area of church life and beyond. It’s our desire to unleash the power of worship and creative arts for the purpose of sharing the redemptive story of Jesus and advancing the Kingdom of God.  We desire that our ministries, whether musical, technical, or other, represent the purity, creativity, and the greatness of our God. 

Our greatest passion is to minister to the heart of God through Spirit and Truth and to draw the presence of the Holy Spirit.

We have a variety of ways to express your God-given talents and creativity. Our worship and creative arts teams include:

  • Worship Team

  • Production Team

  • Media Outreach Team

Join us for worship Sundays at 10:00 am and Tuesdays at 6:30 pm

Worship Team


The mission of the Worship Team is to engage the Spirit, to bring glory to God, and to lead the church in corporate worship as one unified body. Their sole desire is to point the New Promise family towards God and remind them of who He is and what He has done.


We worship with our entire being giving praise to our Heavenly Father by glorifying Him through our attitudes, actions, thoughts, and words, based on the Truth that He Himself has revealed. The worship team creates an environment where that expression of love is encouraged and ignited through music, song, prayer, prophecy, and the Word of God.


As we minister to God and encounter the Spirit, lives are impacted and changed. God often uses a creative sound or word to unleash breakthrough in the lives of His people. It’s the worship team’s job to help usher in that opportunity for personal connection and transformation.

Production Team

The Production Team works like the eyes and ears of our church.  This team’s job is almost literally to be the megaphone for our worship and the words spoken at our church. We strive to create an environment that welcomes the spontaneous, Holy Spirit lead moments and allows for freedom to worship, without distraction. Pleasant sound, and proper lighting help create that atmosphere. Like notes on a page, this team orchestrates the melody of the environment.


Those moments are beautiful and lead to their next role which is to try and capture those moments for those who are not with us, to see and experience how God is moving amongst us. Our worship truly moves the heart of God, and we love for more people to be a part of it, even if they can't be there physically. Really what we're doing behind the scenes is sharing with the world what God is doing in the heart of our church.


Everything we do, we do it with excellence, because God deserves our best. Every piece of tech we work with can be seen as an instrument of worship and we treat it that way, no different than a musical instrument or singer on stage.


Media Outreach Team


Getting plugged in and expressing God’s creative power is what this team is all about!  It’s our desire to share opportunities that point people to Christ and to express the heartbeat of our church in a creative and relevant way.


The goal of this ministry is to provide information and resources to our both our members and our local community through social media, video production, and the New Promise and Phoenix House of Prayer web sites. This team uses the talents of content writers, audio and visual production, digital strategy, social media management, web development, marketing, photography, videography, and creativity. Currently we are connected through Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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